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Hard Alloy Strips Blank

  • Hard Alloy Strips Blank
  • Hard Alloy Strips Blank
  • Hard Alloy Strips Blank
  • Hard Alloy Strips Blank
  • Hard Alloy Strips Blank
  • Hard Alloy Strips Blank

Hard Alloy Strips Blank

Brand :Gold Sword

Product origin :Zhuzhou, China

Delivery time :15 days

Supply capacity :10000kgs

Hard Alloy Strips Blank High Wear Resistant strips blank have
high hard ness, wear-resistance, and resistance to bending,for cutting general wood or hard wood ,used for processing blades, wear resistance parts etc.



1. Over 10 Years' efforts in making high quality Hard Alloy Strips Blank and strips, Almost 8 years in doing importing and exporting business.

2. Rich experience in grade researching, mould designing, automatic press, HIP sintered, surface treating and quality control.

3. We have many years of experience in producing the tungsten carbide strips and have gained a wide reputation in the market . Welcome your inquiry anytime . 

About Hard Alloy Strips Blank :

The main composition of Hard Alloy Strips Blank or strips is tungsten carbide powders and cobalt powders .With its wear resistant and corrosion resistant ability , tungsten carbide nowadays is widely used in many areas such as : cutting tools , moulds , oil and automobile industry etc .  
Tungsten carbide strip and bars is used as the cutter for the TCT woodworking knives for cutting all kinds of original wood , hard wood , HDF, MDF , plywood , particle board , laminated board, composite material ,grass, aluminum and metals . It can give much more excellent performance than HSS . 

GSGradeISO GradeDensity (g/cm3)Hardness (HRA)T.R.S (MPα)Grain SizePerformance & Application Recommended
RX10K2014.6-15.090~90.52200~2400MediumHigh hardness, suitable for roughing of iron, solid wood, dry wood or nonferrous metal, ceramic and other alloys. 
RX20K3014.6-15.090~90.52600~2800FineHigh toughness, easy to be brazed without heat preservation. Suitable for rosewood, solid wood, pinewood, and other wood with a lot stammer.
RX10TK1014.6-15.092.5~931800-2000UltrafineHigh hardness, suitable for finishing of iron, nonferrous metal, ceramic and other alloying, semifinishing of of hardwood, chipboard, MDF and HDF. Better to use silver soldering.
AB10K4013.8-14.287.5~882800~3000CoarseHigh toughness, difficult to break tooth. Special used for finger jointing tool.


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