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Carbide strip, hard alloy sheet

  • Carbide strip, hard alloy sheet

Carbide strip, hard alloy sheet

Brand :Gold Sword

Product origin :Zhuzhou, China

Delivery time :15Days

Supply capacity :10000Kgs

1. Product advantages:

  Cemented carbide sheet has good hardness, high hardness, good wear resistance, high modulus of elasticity, high compressive strength, good chemical stability (acid, alkali, high temperature oxidation), low impact toughness and low expansion coefficient. , thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and iron and its alloys are similar.

2. Scope of application:

   Hard alloy sheet has the characteristics of high red hardness, good weldability, high hardness and high wear resistance. It is mainly used in the production of solid wood, MDF, gray cast iron, non-ferrous materials, chilled cast iron, hardened steel, PCB, Brake material. When using, the cemented carbide sheet of suitable material should be selected according to the application.

   The cemented carbide strip is mainly made of WC tungsten carbide and Co cobalt powder mixed by metallurgical method, powdered, ball milled and pressed. Sintered,

   The main alloy components are WC and Co. The content of WC and Co in the strips of different alloys is inconsistent and the range of use is extremely wide.

1. Suitable for making cast iron rolls and high nickel chrome roll dressing knives.

2. Suitable for the production of discharge plates, stamping die, electronic progressive die and other stamping dies.

3. Processing all kinds of wear-resistant knives, three-sided cutting knives; long strips for hobs; agricultural mechanical sheets are also called plowshare alloys or cemented carbide agricultural machinery welding accessories; STB strips;

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