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​carbide plate with high toughness

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​carbide plate with high toughness

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carbide plate with high toughness 

Carbide sheet, also known as tungsten steel sheet, is a square tungsten steel material. Some are squares and some are rectangular. In the mold factory, make cores, inserts, shaped punches, wear parts and so on.

Carbide sheet/tungsten steel sheet has thick plate and thin plate. Ultra-thick and ultra-thin are difficult to process. Ultra-thin products are easily deformed during sintering. If the sintered tungsten steel sheet is out, it is like An arch bridge. The too pure sheet material is more difficult to volatilize when volatilizing the binder, so that it is easy to form some fine sand holes.

Cemented carbide sheet / tungsten steel sheet grade, characteristics and uses:

YG6A: Density: 14.9 Bending strength: 1850 Hardness: 92 Fine-grain alloy, which has good wear resistance and is suitable for making forming knives, wear-resistant parts, etc.

YG8: Density: 14.7 Bending strength: 2400 Hardness: 89.5 With high strength and wear resistance lower than YM6A, it is suitable for making forming knives, wear-resistant parts, etc.

YG15: Density: 14.5 Bending strength: 2500 Hardness: 87.5 Suitable for making stamping dies, wear-resistant parts, etc.

YG20: Density: 13.5 Bending strength: 2800 Hardness: 85.5 With high strength, it is suitable for making stamping dies such as progressive die.

In order to avoid the sand hole of the tungsten steel sheet, isostatic pressing and overpressure sintering can be selected to improve the quality of the tungsten steel sheet and avoid cracking of the tungsten steel sheet during the cutting.

There are many kinds of materials for hard alloy sheet/tungsten steel sheet. You can choose different materials according to your own needs. The overall direction can be followed. The hardness of the wear parts is higher than that of tungsten steel. The impact strength is high. Material.

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