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Carbide circular saw blade use precautions

Carbide circular saw blade use precautions

1. In order to ensure a long service life of the newly installed saw blade, it is best to let the circular saw machine and the new saw blade (replaced or re-grinded saw blade) have a full running-in process. In the first 10 minutes of sheet cutting, it is necessary to reduce the feed rate, and the normal feed rate can be restored after 10 minutes.

2. The feed rate and cutting speed depend on the section and toughness of the material being cut. For materials that are difficult to cut and have high toughness, the corresponding reduction of the feed is very beneficial to improve the service life of the saw blade. In hours, the machine speed can be increased appropriately.

3. If the cutting speed is increased when cutting the same material, the corresponding saw blade with coarser teeth should be selected accordingly.

4. Since the cutting material needs an effective cutting angle and effective pitch at all times, correct and timely re-grinding of the saw blade can help the saw blade to maximize its effectiveness.

5. By observing the sawdust generated by the saw blade, you can judge whether the current saw blade is cut lightly and whether the cutting is smooth.

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